Coronavirus time is when you need to be in your best health and your family.

Indulge in your ginger, lemon, turmeric, garlic and propolis and plenty of liquids.





     Welcome to My Private Chef for all your dining needs.

     Working across and Surrey I can provide you with all your catering requirements.

     I can also provide extra chefs, kitchen porters and waiting staff if required.

    Set up your new kitchen and help to design or develop your existing one. Can bring top catering equipment and supplies.

   I am very flexible and can also cook at home and deliver. 

I am sorry but my services are temporarily unavailable 

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On this difficult periods I still supporting a NGO called Ecofaxina which cleans the solid waste pollution in estuary of Santos in Brazil ( and will revert the money to the cause.

 please do so here:




9 course meal that’s bold on taste, light on calories



You choose your favorite foods, I’ll assemble a divine menu

In Vino We Trust

A variety of exotic wines paired with 7 fresh tapas

Farm to Table

A Sneak Peak of the
New Winter Menu

Mushroom and leek seeded crusted quiche

Seared scallops, Parsnip, grelot onion and bacon

Spiced lamb kebab served with creamed eggplant and crispy potatoes 

Brazilian feijoada (turtle bean stew, rice, cabbage) served with a beef fillet steak


Can source a suppliers for almost everything organically certified also fresh cresses / herbs, dried spices, pulses, meats, fishes.​​

  Can source the latest kitchen machinery from mixers to water baths and stylish crokery .
Solutions for your office or household

London - UK

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